阿德莱德作业代写 资源基础理论

2020-05-21 19:35

第三种理论是资源基础理论,研究公司的资源和竞争能力在制定战略和决定公司盈利能力方面的作用(Grant, Butler, Hung and Orr 2011;不在2000)。这种观点强调每个公司的独特性,并认为成功的关键不是通过提供或经营与其他公司相同的产品,而是通过识别和利用自己的独特性和差异。跨国公司的竞争优势将是帮助组织制定其全球战略和组织目标的关键资源。但正如之前所讨论的,与发达国家的跨国公司相比,中国的跨国公司缺乏企业特定优势(FSAs), Wei(2010)认为新兴国家的跨国公司具有弱企业特定优势和强国家特定优势的特征。中国企业在本土所拥有的最显著的优势是低成本劳动力,可以转化为低制造成本。中国政府在参与和操纵跨国公司对外直接投资方面也发挥着重要作用。在东道国收购的中国跨国公司在投资地点上各不相同:中国的跨国公司出于品牌和高科技等战略资产目的投资于发达国家;但是,到目前为止,现有的理论可能无法充分解释中国新兴跨国公司的形成,因为它是基于发达国家跨国公司的行为。对中国跨国公司进行更全面的分析,可以推动现有理论的延伸或新理论的创新。尽管如此,对中国跨国公司竞争优势的研究可以为新来者如何克服类似情况下的劣势提供一些有价值的经验和见解。
阿德莱德作业代写 资源基础理论
The third theory is the resource-based view which research into the role of a company’s resources and competitive capabilities in crafting strategy and in determining company profitability (Grant, Butler, Hung and Orr 2011; Guillen 2000). This view emphasises the uniqueness of each company and suggests that the key to success is not through providing or operating the same products as others, but rather than through identifying and utilizing the uniqueness and differences of their own. The MNEs’ competitive advantages would be the crucial resource to help organisations formulate their global strategies and organisational goals. But as has been discussed, Chinese MNEs are lack of firm specific advantages (FSAs) compared to MNEs from developed countries, Wei (2010) argued that emerging country MNEs are characterized by weak firm specific advantages and strong country specific advantages. The most salient FSA Chinese firms possess based on home country is the low cost labour which can transformed to low manufacturing cost . Chinese government also plays a significant role to engage and manipulate MNEs outward FDIs ). The FSA Chinese MNEs acquired based on host countries are varied in terms of investment locations: Chinses MNEs invest into developed countries for strategic assets purposes such as brands and high technologies; but invest into developing countries for natural resources seeking To date, the existing theories may not adequately explain the emerging MNEs form China as it is based on developed country MNEs’ behaviours. A more comprehensive analysis of MNEs from China can push the extension of the existing theories or the creation of new theories to conform. Despite this, the study of Chinese MNEs competitive advantages can provide some valuable experience and insights for newcomers on how to overcome their disadvantages in similar situations.
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