阿德莱德管理学作业代写 戴姆勒

2020-06-04 05:15

戴姆勒(Daimler)和克莱斯勒(Chrysler)的薪酬结构都不相同,两家公司的工资差别很大。与戴姆勒不同,克莱斯勒采用了一种自由的薪酬体系。克莱斯勒(Chrysler)首席执行长伊顿(Bob Eaton)的收入为数百万美元,按美国人的标准衡量相对低调,显然是戴姆勒首席执行长薪水的好几倍。霍夫斯泰德的个人主义理论在这里与个人照顾自己的倾向相联系。信任似乎是“跨文化团队有效性的关键驱动力”这一共识(Schneider et al. 2014, 214, Hajro 2015, 194)。然而,信任是通过创建和识别共享的价值(Gill 2012, 447)来发展的,这与戴姆勒-克莱斯勒合并的情况不同。考虑到,Trompenaars的普遍主义与特殊主义理论——受人尊敬的两家企业的行政当局都注意到了文化问题,而且负责任的官员的决策行为也有很大差异。德国人在证明普遍主义理论的董事会辩论中给出了详细的证词,证明了自己的观点,而美国人则更喜欢开会,而不是只讨论与特殊主义有关的非常少的讨论。
阿德莱德管理学作业代写 戴姆勒
 Daimler and Chrysler, both owed non-identical payment anatomy and the wages of both the firms varied extensively. Chrysler embraced a free-handed pay system, unlike Daimler. Bob Eaton ( CEO of Chrysler) earnings’ was in millions which were comparatively low-key according to the American caliber, apparently set out to be multiple times greater than Daimler’s CEO salary. The theory of Hofstede’s Individualism connects here to spotlight the inclination of individuals to look after their own self.It seems to be the consensus that trust is the “key driver of effectiveness for cross-cultural teams” (Schneider et al. 2014, 214, also Hajro 2015, 194). However, trust is developed by creation and identification with shared values (Gill 2012, 447) which was not the case in the DaimlerChrysler merger.Considering, Trompenaars’s Theory of Universalism vs. Particularism – The esteemed administration authority of both the ventures noticed cultural issues and also the decision making actions of the answerable officials varied deeply. Germans manifested themselves with detailed testimonials for the debates in the board meetings proving the theory of universalism, whereas Americans preferred the meetings to just being held on talking terms with the very little discussions relating to particularism.
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