澳洲布里斯班代写Essay 教学方法

2020-03-02 04:26

世卫组织(2015)规定,作为一个协作小组,家长、SENCO、专家和班主任都应设计有效的教学方法、适当的干预措施和策略,以使儿童在学校和作为个人获得尽可能多的进步。然而,有人建议,如果学生在提供/照顾方面有发言权,他们会感到更有价值和更有信心(Beaver, 2017)。因此,学校采用《SEND Code of Practice (Department for Education, 2015)》(见附录2)中提到的分级方式是至关重要的。为了评估学生的需求和不同规定的有效性,学生支持网络和不断评估、计划和复习是至关重要的。另一个建议的纳入条款是使用教学助理(TAs),尽管研究往往很混杂。根据教育部的说法,(2015年)教学助理应该被认为是送学生的照顾包的一部分。然而,当学生与助教一起工作时,出现的一个关键问题是,他们经常与主课老师分开,导致他们缺席部分课程,并扰乱他们的日常工作(Blatchford et al, 2009)。此外,Sharples等人(2015)发现,教学助理更关注任务完成,而较少关注发展学生的理解能力。这一点也得到了Maher(2016)的支持,她认为虽然助教理解包容的概念,但他们可能没有足够的体育学科知识来完全满足学生和学科的需要。建议教师分享自己的高阶技能和知识,以帮助提问技巧,以支持助教(Radford et al, 2015)。然而,如果助教要支持教师,很明显,他们应该得到更好的培训和监督。
澳洲布里斯班代写Essay 教学方法
Department for Education (2015) who specifies that as a collaborative group, parents, the SENCO, specialists and the class teacher should all devise effective teaching approaches, suitable interventions, and strategies to allow the child to progress as much as possible at school and as an individual. However, it has been suggested that if pupils have a voice in there provision/care they can feel more valued and more confident (Beaver, 2017). Therefore it is vital that school’s adopt a graduated approach mentioned in the SEND Code of Practice (Department for Education, 2015), see appendix 2. In order to evaluate the pupil’s needs and effectiveness of different provisions, it is vital for the pupils to support network and pupil to continually assess, plan and review. Another suggested provision for inclusion is the use of teaching assistants (TAs), although research tends to be quite mixed. According to the Department For Education, (2015) teaching assistants should be considered to be part of the care package for SEND pupils. However, a key issue that arises for SEND pupils when working with TAs is that they are often separated from the main class teacher, resulting in their absence for parts of the curriculum as well as disruption to their routine (Blatchford et al, 2009). Furthermore, Sharples et al, (2015) found that teaching assistants tended to be more concerned with task completion, and less concerned with developing a pupil’s understanding. This has also been supported by Maher (2016) who has suggested that although TAs understand the concept of inclusion, they may not have the subject knowledge in PE to fully meet the needs of the students and the subject. It has suggested that teachers share their own higher-order skills and knowledge in order to help questioning technique in order to support TAs (Radford et al, 2015). Still, if TA’s are to support teachers it is clear that they should be supported by better training and monitoring.

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