澳洲商科作业代写 企业实体

2020-03-06 00:56

记录一个企业实体的交易的另一种文件是损益表。损益表也叫财务报表,是用来记录某一特定组织的财务业绩的报表。它同样重要,因为它可以帮助一个组织发现它在一定时期内的利润。财务报表中包含的信息被投资者、分析师和债权人用来评估公司的财务业绩。由于损益表显示的是企业在一定的交易周期后的利润,投资者可以利用其中的信息来衡量投资企业的可行性。他们可以在采取融资措施之前发现损失的风险。基本上,记录的数据是与过去不同时期的记录相比较的。这被称为统计数据,它总结了历史行为,并试图预测财务记录的未来行为(Ottman, 2017)。统计数据使正确的解释用于正确的决策。这种解释需要不同的分析人员根据统计数据准确地提出实体的未来位置。此外,统计数据包含事实和数字,使用户能够了解数据中的趋势,例如投资者,以便在未来的投资中做出准确的决策。
The other document used in recording the transactions of a business entity is the income statement. The income statement also called the financial statement is a statement used to record the financial performance of a given organization. It is as important as it helps an organization to detect the amounts profit it has made during a given period of time in its operations. The information captained in the financial statements are used by the investors, analysts, and creditors to gauge the financial performance of the firm. Since income statements indicate the profit made by a business after a certain trading period, the investors can use the information in it to gauge the viability of investing in the business. They could detect the risk of losses before they take the step of financing it.Essentially, the recorded data is compared to the past records in different periods of time. This is referred to as statistical data which summarizes the historical behaviors and tries to forecast the future behavior of the financial records, (Ottman, 2017). The statistical data enables correct interpretation used for proper decision making. This interpretation involves different analyst to accurately propose the future position of the entity based on the statistical data. Additionally, the statistical data contains facts and figures which enable the users to read the trends in the data, such as the investor, to make precise decisions in the future investments.