澳洲工科论文代写 循环经济

2020-07-23 03:41

澳洲工科论文代写 循环经济
To conclude circular economy business models, fall in two groups: those that foster reuse and extend service life through repair, remanufacture, upgrades and retrofits; and those that turn old goods into as-new resources by recycling the materials. Yet a lack of familiarity and fear of change has resulted in a passive change from linear economy to circular economy models. The reasoning behind this being that   economists who are taught to work towards an increase of the gross domestic product (GDP), which measures a financial flow over a period of time; creating wealth by making things last is the opposite of what they have learned. However, concerns over resource scarcity, ethics and safety as well as greenhouse-gas reductions are shifting the methodology to seeing materials as assets to be preserved, rather than continually consumed. A circular economy must be viewed as a close loop system where reprocessing of goods and materials generate jobs and save energy while reducing resource consumption and waste. Moreover, companies all around the world should start their approach towards achieving circular economy because as seen by the examples provide above this type of model provides great economical revenue but above all provides the opportunities for a greener and more ecological .

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