Finance Essay代写:Asset-liability

2017-02-06 13:01

资产负债率负债总额and is the ratio of the资产总额的比例显示,基金公司占同期of the provided by for all of the assets of the企业债权债务to reveal the level of Corporate供资者保护,so the analysis of Long-Term偿付能力指标。

Asset-liability ratio is the ratio of total liabilities and total assets, indicating the proportion of the funds provided by creditors accounted for all of the assets of the enterprise, the to reveal corporate funders creditors debt level of protection, so the indicators analysis of long-term solvency.
Asset-liability ratio to maintain the level at which the company has long-term solvency, different creditors have different opinions. Higher debt ratio, better efficiency, stable business cash flow is acceptable, such enterprises have the ability to repay the debt principal and interest; in earnings instability or unstable management level enterprises, the enterprises not repaid the debt security, unstable operating income is difficult to guarantee a fixed rate of interest paid on schedule, the company's long-term solvency. As a business, you should also seek the appropriate ratio of the asset-liability ratio, that is, to be able to maintain long-term solvency, but also to make maximum use of external funding.

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