澳洲电影学作业代写 理论镜头

2020-05-01 04:34

澳洲电影学作业代写 理论镜头
 I will begin this essay by introducing the literary pieces I have chosen to define my theoretical lens of the paper. This section of the essay will include the introduction of two main points of the theory along with articles and books to support my reasoning for relating these specific articles to the theory that distress migration is a form of forced migration. After introducing the theoretical lens, I will describe the archive of narratives I will be using. I will expose several patterns in the narrative stories and put them into context with a summary of one of the narratives. Once I have completed the first two sections, I will move on to synthesizing the two sections together to create a conclusive argument to support the original theory. And then finally, I will conclude the essay with a short summary of the information covered.This study of North Korean refugees is very specific, in that the lens I used to look at this phenomenon is very directed and does not have another side to the argument, because in the case of North Koreans there is only one reason to migrate. This section includes studies surrounding the costs and benefits of migrating and the awful circumstances that would force people to consider migration. In other words, this section will lend a hand into understanding the theory of distress migration. These studies will also help in shaping the lens I used to investigate the minds of North Korean refugees and highlight my reasoning for not looking into the other forms of migration related to forced migration. First, I will consider rhetorical discourses pertaining to the idea of distress migration and forced migration, this will be focused on migration discourse material. Secondly, I will be looking at discourse of countries who are experiences exodus due to extreme circumstances. This will include environmental circumstances, migration statistics, and statements from political officials. By viewing these studies under one lens, I can see how different facets of life can ultimately force a person to migrate.
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