墨尔本教育学assignment代写 园艺工作

2020-07-05 16:26

墨尔本教育学assignment代写 园艺工作
Managers at roots and shoot claim they are dedicated to growing links with the local and wider community to benefit learners. These links have enabled learners to work at local parks, exhibit at the Chelsea Flower Show and trees to be planted throughout London parks through a high-profile project funded by the National Lottery and the Mayor of London’s fund.  It is suggested that the organisations high profile generates further opportunities such as meeting the Her Majesty the Queen and The Prince of Wales. This encourages further interest in the programme, appealing to a variety of people. Other community groups use the providers facilities, offering further opportunities for learners. Work placements are usually held one day a week, with learners given the opportunity to work ‘in house’, in the garden or the ‘pop up’ shop which is open when events are held. Learners have also decorated local community centres, waited on tables for elderly client’s lunch and participated in a carnival, in partnership with a local primary school.  Roots and Shoots recruit members in the ‘Friends of Roots and Shoots’ group for a subscription fee. The money raised from the subscription to the group helps pay for travel costs and tools, enabling learners who are on low incomes or otherwise could not afford the costs associated to access the scheme. Other community groups, such as adult reading volunteers can use the premises which promotes a greater understanding of what the organisation is doing for its learners and also increases the opportunity of potential work placements. There are also professionals who offer specific workshops at the centre, such as a florist and a solicitor, and other professionals to provide support with writing CV’s. Volunteers appear to be paramount for this provider, and others, to operate. The subscription money enables learners to access the programmes needed to progress in life and to develop the skills required for future employment. The workshops also develop the necessary skills for employment, which learners of a low income may otherwise not be able to access these if they were not made free for them by the volunteers.  The concern with the Friends of Roots and Shoots subscription is that if people did not pay a subscription the learners from disadvantaged background or low-income families may not be able to travel to the centre or they may not have access to the appropriate tools. This would not be inclusive practice as only learners who are financially able to attend would be able to access the service.
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