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2020-02-17 00:14

标题本身描绘了“彩票”,好像事情是正常的,没有什么激烈的,但当一个人仔细观察这个故事的细节,你可以看到小事情,告诉你不一样。一个普通的彩票会引起庆祝和兴奋,但没有人想要赢得这个彩票。抽签的时候,气氛相当紧张。这种彩票是一代一代传下来的,村民们不提任何问题就接受了。这是一种传统或仪式,不能被质疑,因为人们强烈地相信,如果这种事情没有发生,他们“就不会是对的”。根据雪莉·杰克(Shirley Jackon)的《彩票》(The Lottery),“他们确实说过,”亚当斯对站在他旁边的华纳老人说,“在北村,他们说要放弃彩票。’”然后,老华纳继续取笑人们不相信他能摆脱彩票:他说:“老华纳嗤之以鼻。“一群疯狂的傻瓜,”他说。根据大卫·迈克尔逊在《彩票中的暴力》一书中所述:“彩票总是存在的,”奇怪的是,华纳老人告诫那些想放弃“彩票”的人,而泰西却越来越坚信彩票是不公平的。值得注意的是,我们并没有被告知为什么一些村庄想要放弃抽签仪式,我们也很难确定为什么有人不想中彩票,这通常会带来一些好结果。在故事的这一点上,暴力的可能性即使不是不可思议的,也是微乎其微的;但是,随着故事的深入,我们至少在一开始就为一个不太和谐的结局做好了准备。
The title itself portrays the “The Lottery” as if things are normal and nothing drastic is about but as one is looking closer to the fine details of the story one can see the small things that tell you otherwise. A normal lottery would cause for celebration and excitement, but no one wanted to win this lottery. The atmosphere was quite scarce and stiff in the moment of the lottery. The lottery was passed down from one generation to the next that is accepted with no questions asked amongst the villagers. It’s a tradition or ritual that has not been able to be questionable based upon the strong believe that has been washed into their brains that they “wouldn’t be right” if it didn’t happen. According to Shirley Jackon’s “The Lottery,” ”’They do say,’ Mr. Adams said to Old Man Warner, who stood next to him, ‘that over in the north village they’re talking of giving up the lottery.’” Then old man warner goes on to make fun of the disbelief of getting rid of the lottery: saying “Old Man Warner snorted. “Pack of crazy fools,” he said. ‘There’s always been a lottery,”According to David Michelson’s “Violence in “The Lottery” it states: It is curious that Old Man Warner admonishes those who would give up “The Lottery ” and Tessie becomes increasingly adamant that the lottery is not fair. Significantly, we are not told why some villages want to give up the lottery ritual, and we struggle to determine just why someone would not want to win a lottery, which usually results in something good. The possibility of violence at this point in the story is remote if not incredible; but, drawn this far into the tale, we have been at least initially primed for a modestly incongruous ending. 
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