纽卡斯尔健康学代写 积极老龄化

2020-03-04 03:00

纽卡斯尔健康学代写 积极老龄化
Other organisations are promoting positive ageing by campaigning and being a voice for the older people. They are campaigning against poor housing and poverty. By being an advocate on these issues they are raising awareness and hoping to find solutions to these issues. They are providing funding and assistance to older people with fuel costs, minor house repairs, damaged furniture and insulation. By doing this the older people feel safe and secure in their homes. It can help them preserve their independence and antonomy.Organisations provide education and raise awareness on some common conditions and risks that may occur with ageing. This can allow older people to be more familiar with signs and symptoms that are associated with these illnesses or conditions. It is with the goal that this will lead to early diagnosis, and improved outcomes for recovery.Overall organisations are trying to promote healthy and positive ageing through a holistic approach to ageing. There main objective is to achieve a more positive attitude to ageing through their services, with the hope of increasing quality of life and promoting more healthy lifestyle choices for older people.Friends of the Elderly is a voluntary organisation which was founded in 1980 in Dublin. Its main objective is to offer friendship and companionship to the ageing community in Ireland. This services are provided through volunteers who are fully garda vetted and trained. It is a free and confidential service which is available to the older community.They offer a range of services which main focus is to lessen the feelings of loneliness and isolation to the ageing population. It provides social engagement programmes which include home visitations, friendly call service, social clubs, day trips and social events. Its aim is to enable older members of society to maintain their independence but still feel like active members of a larger community. Volunteers will visit and telephone older people in their own homes. In providing these social events, transport and activities they are promoting feelings of independence and inclusion. It gives older people a sense of purpose and self-worth as they are remembered and valued in their community.
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