Nursing Essay 代写:女性保护

2019-02-21 14:04

Nursing Essay 代写:女性保护
The Waller et al (2012) conducted a qualitative study evaluating differences to barriers among women from different ages. The study  interviewed practitioners working in the screening programme and other related charities as well as women who never attended screening focusing on their views on how age can influence non- attendance and non-adherence in cervical screening. The study found that women were classified into two distinct groups, which were those who wanted to go for screening but did not attend which consisted younger women and others who had decided not to attend were mainly older women. Wardle (2016) argues that nurses’ intervention at improving uptake could be beneficial by considering different approaches for various age groups to improve practice.The findings of the following analysis identified barriers that included many described in other studies namely fear of discomfort, pain, embarrassment and lack of education. There is a reliable argument that providing support with when, where and booking an appointment is effective. Additionally one of the key themes emerging from the study is that older women are more conscious about their bodies as they age. For example, one participant discussed about changes in her self-image as she grew older and how it has affected her self-esteem and how she feels reluctant to undergo invasive procedures.  Nurses could encourage action by  reassuring older women and  to remind them of the importance and benefits of cervical screening. Sabatino et al (2012) argued that effective communication improves cervical screening.
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