澳洲护理作业代写 婴儿护理

2020-05-23 10:47

这项任务是基于我在特殊护理婴儿单元(SCBU)照顾新生儿戒断综合征(NAS)婴儿的经验。NAS是母亲在妊娠期间被动转移的宫内阿片或其他精神活性物质突然停用后,某些婴儿所经历的一系列体征和症状(Gomez-Pomar et al, 2018)。最常见的是,这些婴儿表现出以下症状:震颤、超易怒、过度哭闹、大便不稳、呕吐、睡眠不良、打哈欠、肌肉阵挛性抽搐以及严重的癫痫发作(Wexelblatt et al ., 2018)。使用5Rs框架进行反思,这项任务将集中于皮肤-皮肤接触(SSC)作为NAS的非药物干预。SSC通过将一个赤裸的婴儿放在母亲裸露的胸部进行直接接触。为了保护患者的隐私,我们将讨论中的新生儿命名为Star。Star在妊娠38周时出生,并被收住到SCBU。斯达的母亲在怀孕期间使用了7种不同的违禁物质。她的父母都吸毒,并且因为持续的药物使用和攻击性行为而受到探视限制。Star最初每4小时服用170微克口服吗啡,但当天断奶后为150微克。使用改良的芬尼根评分系统(见附录),Star的退出评分在每次服药后一小时进行评分。在我换班之初,Star的戒断评分为8分,症状包括情绪低落、高声哭泣、出汗和大便不稳。我又给了她一剂口服吗啡,但一小时后她的戒断指数仍然是7。几个小时后,星星的妈妈来看她。她看上去冷静得体,举止得体。我鼓励她至少去做护理和SSC,但她很不情愿。此外,一个小时的限制访问是不够的母亲与婴儿的联系和提供她需要的最好的照顾。
澳洲护理作业代写 婴儿护理
This assignment is based on my experience of caring for an infant with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) in a Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU). NAS is a set of signs and symptoms experienced by certain infants after a sudden withdrawal of passively transferred intrauterine opioids or other psychoactive substances used by mother during pregnancy (Gomez-Pomar et al, 2018). Most commonly, these babies demonstrate the following: tremors, hyperirritability, excessive crying, loose stools, vomiting, poor sleeping, yawning, myoclonic jerks, and seizures in severe cases (Wexelblatt et al, 2018). Using the 5Rs Framework for Reflection, this assignment will focus on skin-to-skin contact (SSC) as a non-pharmacological intervention for NAS. SSC involves direct touch by placing a naked infant to a mother’s bare chest . To protect patient confidentiality, the neonate under discussion will be referred to as Star .Star was born at 38 weeks gestation and admitted to SCBU. Star’s mother had used 7 different prohibited substances during pregnancy. Both her parents abused drugs and had visiting restrictions due to continued substance use and aggressive behaviour. Star initially received 170 mcg of oral morphine 4 hourly but was weaned to 150 mcg that day. Using the Modified Finnegan Scoring System (see Appendix), Star’s withdrawal scores were graded an hour after each dose. At the beginning of my shift, Star’s withdrawal score was 8 with symptoms including inconsolability, high-pitched cry, sweating and loose stools. I gave another dose of oral morphine but she remained agitated with a withdrawal score of 7 an hour after. A few hours later, Star’s mom came to visit. She appeared calm and appropriate and showed acceptable behaviour. I encouraged her to at least do cares and SSC but she was reluctant. Moreover, a 1-hour restricted visit was not enough for mother to bond with baby and to provide the best care she needs.
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