心理学护理代写 精神状态

2020-06-16 01:02

心理学护理代写 精神状态
 As the session unfold during the assessment Jenny (Client) made me to understand that she was currently into a good job, really progressing in her career as well studying for a degree in the university. She explained that she was making every effort and was so motivated, working very hard towards achieving a better and fulfilled life for herself and any one that is going to be around her and not like a life she and her siblings had while growing up in their parent house which she said that she is not happy to talk about at this time.  However, she observed that her life began to change when she met an old school friend who invited her for a drink in a club house where they also met other school friends with whom she had some drinks with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink, she informed me that she really enjoyed her outing with her old friends and was very happy to be in the company of her old school friends. Jenny (client) made me to understand that she continued to visit the club house very often drinking all the time and mostly alcoholic drinks with her friends and most times she gets home late and drunk having hungover which resulted in her being unable to get to work the next day on time or at times not going to work or showing up at all. She (client) explained how her life had progressively limited due to her addition with alcohol, how she lost her job because of her inconsistency and her behaviour towards her colleague at work due to the influence of her alcohol intake/ addiction, she said that the way that she lost her very much loved job was traumatising, making her feel like she has lost the best thing in her life thereby creating fear, anxiety and left her depressed. Due of her state of mind and her ill feeling about being lost and with the other depressive feelings, she was referred by her GP to see a therapist. As a therapist/ counsellor and  being  aware of my biases, being open, listening attentively and very accepting of where Jenny (client) are at the moment with her problems of being alcoholic ,feeling lost , suffering for anxiety, and depression  in order to  examine what actually seems to  be the issues that she is worried about or that is  frustrating her life thereby not allowing her enjoy her life and live a fulfilled life, I was able to demonstrate the core conditions of genuineness, acceptance, resilience, respect, empathy, being transparent not wearing mask and pretending to be who am not (Khan,1997:166) creating a safe environment which enabled her to open up and tell me more regarding her present issues where her life is limited by alcohol misuse, feeling confused and lost, not sure if to attend to any invitation from friends again and the kind of friends to keep. As the assessment session progresses Jenny (client) informed me (therapist) that at one point she started` feeling low because she thought that she has lost the goal/plan she have set for herself.
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