澳洲社会学作业代写 物种灭绝

2020-07-17 17:33

澳洲社会学作业代写 物种灭绝
Today, species extinction is more than 1,000 times the historical average- the worst since the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event 65 years ago when the massive collision devastated the global environment and led to the end of dinosaurs (Falbab-Brown). This environmental catastrophe is largely in part due to the intensified poaching in African nations. With over 27000 elephants slaughtered each year, mortality rates of African elephants are far higher than birth rates (Steyn). The toll that poaching takes on the environment is increasingly contributing to the loss of biodiversity in African nations, and enforcement on poaching is ineffective: more than 170 rangers have died while trying to protect wildlife and tourists from poachers (Actman). However, the motives of these native poachers often come from the lack of a stable society and their state of destitution. For the native people, poaching is a means of survival. According to Biggs, a professor at the School of Public Leadership at Stellenbosch University and the Stockholm Resilience Centre at Stockholm University in Sweden, the coordinator of the Southern African Program on Ecosystem Change and Society Africa is one of the most biodiverse regions on Earth, but poverty levels are high, populations are growing rapidly, and human capacity to manage fast-changing, globally connected societies is often extremely limited. (Biggs).On the other hand, natives do not realize that though poaching may bring temporary wealth and income, it contributes to the development of criminal networks and brings apparent harm to biodiversity. In order to successfully prevent poaching, the natives’ low levels of education and societal morals must be communicated and taken into account to better both the local community and environment.
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