南澳犯罪学作业代写 女警治安官

2020-03-14 09:53

In 1925, Maude Collins became the first female sheriff in the state of Ohio. Her husband was the sheriff until he was killed while on duty. The citizens chose Maude to replace her husband because they had faith she would do a great job. Collins did her duties and spent as much time as possible with her five children. She proved her worth by solving a double murder. Collins did this by investigating the home and showing how the murderer used the victim’s shoes to create misleading footprints at the crime scene. Maude subsequently persuaded the female, whom she had suspected all along, to confess to wearing the shoes of another, who had previously been the primary male suspect (Neil). The true story about Maude Collins is a great example of how any intelligent, motivated male or female can make a great sheriff. Cadets or students who are not aware of this should learn that a sheriff of any gender can prove their worth in time.The impact of one police officer in a police department can encourage future officers to become capable of handling the duties assigned to them. In 1910 the Los Angeles Police Department hired Alice Stebbins Wells which made her the nation’s first police woman. Wells’ first duty as officer was supervision and enforcing law concerning dance halls, skating rinks and other similar places of public recreation. She later fought for the idea that women as members of municipal police departments are particularly well qualified to perform protective and preventive work among juveniles and female criminals. Female officers were assigned after some time to perform these duties. Other duties the women were assigned were patrol, delinquency prevention, investigations of crimes involving juveniles, and other cases where females were deemed necessary. Alice Wells will be remembered by introducing female officers capable of taking on more duties (N.P). A person can take a stand into introduce an idea that can help improve on who gets assigned to preform what duties just like Wells.