澳洲霍巴特assignment代写 推广方式

2020-04-03 03:51

澳洲霍巴特assignment代写 推广方式
One of the key factors of promotion is finding a good brand ambassador that may help take the product to the public, and the brand ambassador should be one that the public really like or adore or even respect. India is a country where technology is really growing faster than many other countries in the world. The internet and social media like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter and through TV advertisement are the faster way to get the message to its people. When it comes to advertisement India is smart and extraordinary there a lot of phenomenal ads creator in Mumbai, India itself, a good advertisement with a great personality with a V ‘pure’- Energy drink on his/her hands might even go viral all over the country. And the billboards around different places like different colleges and universities, sports centre, Gym clubs and city areas will be a good choice to place. We can offer free drinks to the athletes and public figures in different functions. Retail stores can be placed nearby the sports centre, sponsoring different sports tournaments, short advertisement before a show in movie theatres or in a YouTube video can earn customers. Since the customers themselves can be a biggest and trustworthy promotional tool it is important to maintain a healthy relationship with them.Distribution strategy is a plan about how the manufacturer intends to supply its products to its target consumers. Different kind of manufacturer applies their own policy on how they are going to take their goods to intend markets. They can decide whether they are going to supply through their own supply department or they are going to partner with the trusted agents who will take their products from them to the customers. There are some companies who sell all their goods themselves opening their own exclusive stores in different places and some take their goods through the supply chains to distribute their products to their end customers. V ‘pure’- Energy drink should expand its hands not to an individual channel but to the entire group of customers that includes Wholesaler, retailer and the end-users. Since the wholesaler and retailers already have a relationship with the customers and already set up stratagem to outrun the opponent’s theory of winning their trust, we can use their support to quickly expand our product to the market. To master our distribution strategy we can communicate to the customers through different channels asking thing like how and where they would like to deliver our product, what taste they would like to drink and whether or not they would like to get our product customized.
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