Tourism Essay 代写:澳大利亚的运输

2017-01-14 08:28


Profit return of the rail freight industry has attracted many new entrants, it will bring the expansion of production capacity, bringing the requirements of the market share, would inevitably lead to fierce competition with existing enterprises, transportation prices; On the other hand new entrants to obtain resources which could make the industry cost increases. These two areas will lead to decline in the profitability of the industry. However, the threat of new entrants is not large; this is mainly due to the following reasons: the establishment of a freight company that required extremely high costs, and maintenance costs for the construction of rail and truck .This required a lot of capital investment, and risky.
Aurion has 146 years of history, a good reputation and loyal customers, the new company has to pay a high price to establish its credibility and win customers. For mining companies, the high cost of replacement of the freight company. New cargo companies need to cooperate with advertisers to win customers, the mining companies and the original company more closely, new mines shipping companies to enter the industry, the harder it.
Aurizon has a wealth of experiences to occupy a favorable position in the market. In addition, environmental requirements for the freight industry are also not easy to enter the new company.
Threat of substitutes
Rail freight alternative to the main road, air and water transport. Comparatively speaking, flexible and efficient road transport, can carry cargo must, it can reach areas not covered railway has been widely used. Aviation in a very short period of time to deliver the goods to the destination, but the load is small and the cost. Waterway smaller share, but it uses a large container freight, very efficient, but also long-distance freight. This rail freight cause moderate threat. Compared with them, the lower the price of rail freight transport over long distances, a large number of goods, is not flexible enough, but it is more environmentally friendly.

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