澳洲维多利亚代写 社会化营销

2020-05-19 14:48

澳洲维多利亚代写 社会化营销
Social marketing is an effective way of a message reaching a large number of people quickly.  In health it is used to influence health behaviour by using an organised planning process to help people change their behaviour .  However, research has highlighted that the effects of these health changes are often small .   Social marketing should help deliver a positive benefit for society and focus on understanding the individual/group it is aimed at by using a variety of health communication strategies. These could be interpersonal, mediated and other methods of communication with marketing methods such as promotion, message placement, community outreach and dissemination .  The poster could be perceived as using a shock tactic by highlighting the negative health issues associated with stress such as high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke .  By using this along with education on mindfulness it could shock someone into thinking about their health and taking a step to changing it.  However, this approach does not always have a positive outcome as people might deliberately ignore the issue and pretend it is not happening to them .The poster will use social marketing to specifically target individuals in the workplace who are feeling stressed. It will aim to be likeable, to encourage individuals to be receptive to the idea of change using a variety of colours and a fun format to be easily understandable. Users of the poster will be able to identify how they feel easily based on the thermometer format and will signpost individuals to a health practitioner and website for more information.  The poster will be bold, simple to understand and immediately eye catching so not to over complicate the message.
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