新西兰惠灵顿Essay代写 教育者的旅程

2020-07-29 20:00

澳洲惠灵顿Essay代写 教育者的旅程
Along my journey as an educator, there have been many people who have sparked my curiosity in special education.  When I began as a paraprofessional, the teacher I was assigned to was so passionate about special education, I just could not help becoming passionate as well.  Within special education we all have a vision of how we see things or want to see things.  We have values that we hold close to our heart that guides us in our practice.  Beliefs allow us to be passionate and compassionate to look at things from a different perspective when needed.  Every teacher and every student has a role to play in the education process for the success to show in the end.  If special education keeps going in the direction it is going things will only improve for those with disabilities. In special education we have students and we have teachers.  The students have special needs which is why they are in the special education program.  It is my vision that students who have specials needs are cared for and taught to their maximum potential that the program can allow.  A highly qualified special education program will have teachers who can teach the students in a way that each can learn.  The result of this is that each student has the potential to be a productive member of society and be successful enough to reach their individual potential.It is my opinion that each special education educator foresees great opportunities in working with student with special needs.  Every student may have abilities they have not noticed within themselves thus far.  It is all about potential.  Realizing special needs students all have potential and we as educators, it is our job and for many a passion, to help the student achieve that potential.  Different people, whether special needs or not, have strengths and weaknesses.  As a special education educator, it is our place to build the strengths or in some cases, natural abilities.  Social skills are a persuit that is focused on many times over.  It is most important for students to build relationships, whether it is with other peers or with members in his/her community.
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