纽卡斯尔护理作业代写 人际关系

2020-06-06 04:27

由于价值观、信仰、感知和经验的差异,在医疗保健机构中冲突的发生率通常很高。护士工作在一个复杂和高度人际关系为基础的工作环境。因此,一个人的观点可能与另一个人的观点不一致。在本案例研究中,可以看到两种冲突理论,它们是;内部冲突与过程理论。内心冲突发生在个人身上。由于需求、期望或目标未被满足而导致的内部或个人内部的紧张或压力(Huber, 2014)。当护士说:“我让你帮J夫人做好准备;你全然不理我。你不会帮助他的。护士显然很沮丧,并在LPN上发泄,因为工作没有完成,她认为她被忽视了。反之,过程理论冲突则是在工作场所对任务和责任的分配存在分歧,导致冲突和争吵。当LPN和护士对谁应该负责完成特定的任务产生分歧时,他们正在经历过程冲突。LPN说:“我被抓在P先生的房间里;你为什么不把J太太准备好?你显然知道CT扫描。护士说:“这是你的工作。”你被指派了J夫人。反映了她认为完成一项任务应该如何进行,而实际上他们都要对J夫人负责。卢因的冲突管理改革计划旨在减轻护士的压力,提高护士的工作表现。计划变更被定义为一组内的变异的有意工程,通过使用预测其驱动因素和影响的相关概念,协助计划者控制计划中的变量(Huber, 2014)。这种冲突管理理论的一般目的是计划、管理和评估变化。
纽卡斯尔护理作业代写 人际关系
The occurrence of conflict in a healthcare facility is typically high due to differences in values, beliefs, perception, and experiences. Nurses work in a complex and highly interpersonal relationship-based work environment. Therefore, one’s opinions may not align with the views of another. In this case study, two conflict theories can be noted, and they are; intrapersonal conflict and process theory. Intrapersonal conflict occurs within one individual. Tension, or stress inside, or internal to an individual that results from unmet needs, expectations, or goals (Huber, 2014). Intrapersonal conflict is identified when the nurse states “I asked you to get Mrs. J ready for her; you have completely ignored me; you would not help him.”  The nurse is clearly frustrated and takes it out on the LPN because the job wasn’t done, and she assumes she was being ignored. Conversely, process theory conflict arises when there are differences concerning the delegation of task and responsibilities at the workplace, which leads to clashes and quarrels. When the LPN and nurse disagree about who is responsible for completing the specific duty, they’re experiencing process conflict. The LPN stated “I was caught in the room with Mr. P; Why couldn’t you get Mrs. J ready?  You apparently knew about the CT scan.” The nurse states “ It was your job.  You were assigned Mrs. J.” Reflects on how she thinks a task accomplishment should proceed, when in fact they are both responsible for Mrs. J.Lewin’s planned change for conflict management is meant to reduce stress and improve the performance of nurses in the workplace. Planned change is defined as the intentional engineering of variations within a group, which work by assisting planners to control the variables in such a plan by using correlated concepts that predicts their drivers and impact (Huber, 2014). The general aim of this conflict management theory is to plan, manage and assess the change.
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