澳洲心理学作业代写 定音乐和用餐者

2020-07-07 22:03

为了确定音乐和用餐者的满意体验之间的关系,人们进行了许多类型的研究,但最近的一些新的研究开始了解其他不受欢迎的噪音对整体听觉刺激的影响。这些声音分为受控和非受控两类。之前的研究主要集中在受控的声音或基于两个假设的有计划的使用音乐。1. 2.消费者会被音乐影响。改变音乐本身可以影响消费者的行为在一个孤立的设置,而不是在现实的场景。音乐只是顾客遇到的许多类型或声音或噪音中的一种。音乐与人们的交谈、物品的移动以及其他杂乱的噪音构成了影响顾客购物/服务体验的整体声音环境。噪音是服务景观社会层面的一个新组成部分,噪音的来源如机器/设备噪音、家具移动噪音、交通噪音/户外噪音等渗透到墙壁和窗户,可能对消费者和工作人员产生负面影响。提高嗓门可以提高听力/理解能力,但要以牺牲个人隐私为代价。研究结果和分析基于(i)声音意识,(ii)声音和情绪,(iii)声音和在商店花费的时间。该研究导致了两种结果,即。在美国,音乐对消费者的行为没有影响,因为当他们的注意力集中在多项任务上时,他们听不到任何音乐。另一方面,消费者很少意识到音乐对他们的行为或体验的影响。一些消费者也否认了被音乐操纵来增加他们在商店里的时间,从而增加他们的购买价值的想法。或者,更好的音响效果和有针对性的音乐区可能会在没有音乐的情况下提高消费者的情绪。
澳洲心理学作业代写 定音乐和用餐者
Many types of research have been conducted to determine the relationship between music and the diners satisfactory experience, but in recent times new researches have begun to understand the effect of other unwanted noises that add up to the overall auditory stimuli. These sounds are classified as controlled and uncontrolled sounds. Prior researches have focused on controlled sounds or planned use of music based on 2 assumptions. 1. Consumers can be influenced using music, and 2. that changing the music alone can impact consumer behavior in an isolated setup rather than in a realistic scenario.Music is only one of the many types or sound or noise that customers encounter. The music combined with other people talking, items being moved, and other clutter of noise makeup to the overall sound environment that influences a customers’ shopping/service experience. Noise is a new component in the social dimension of the service-scape, with sources such as machine/equipment noise, furniture movement, traffic/outdoors noise that infiltrates the walls and windows, which can have a negative impact on consumers and staff. Raised voices allowed for better hearing/understanding, but at the cost of one’s privacy. The research result and analysis were done based on (i) Awareness of sound, (ii) sounds and mood, and (iii) sound and time spent in the store. The study leads to two outcomes, i.e., music has no effect on consumer behavior as they cannot hear any music when their attention is focused on multiple tasks. And the other, consumers are rarely conscious of the effect of music on their behavior or experience. Some consumers have also denied the idea of being manipulated by music to increase their time spent in stores and in turn increasing their purchase values. Alternatively, better acoustics and targeted music zones would likely enhance the consumer mood more with no music.
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