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The Convention drew up a new constitution that established the French Directory which was governed by five directors and these five directors were chosen by a bicameral legislature divided into the Council of Five Hundred and an upper chamber of 250 ancients. In addition, the Directory was plagued by the same problems encountered by the Convention (French Revolution, 2018). Napoleon Bonaparte, a young republican artillery officer, who helped in the war overthrew the directory in a coup d’etat and in 1802, he appointed counsel for life and in 1804, he proclaimed himself emperor Napoleon I of France (Mcphee, 2006)(French Revolution, 2018). This war permanently affected France in many ways. For example, every France citizen was judged the same and taxed the same on wealth and more importantly land. Daily life was unchanged and women also remained unchanged with their rights before the revolution. A lot of lands was also changed due to the church’s loss of power, but farmers did benefit from this and were able to farm more .The French Revolution was a major turning point in French history in that it was a period where France was in a phase where it fixed itself. It was really necessary as those causation factors really pushed it to the point where it went to into phases during its Revolution. Phase One introduced the rage of the third estate, and how the first estate and second estate had to try to calm them down. However all of the problems were solved, and Phase three solidified it with a new constitution. With this new constitution, it established a new way of rule, a more equal way of rule, and with this new way of government or rule, it will establish a baseline for other societies to follow. When the Revolution ended, France was in a better state then it was than before and this is a great setup for current France.
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