澳洲会计作业代写 摩根大通员工

2020-03-30 02:52

澳洲会计作业代写 摩根大通员工
The staff and senior management of the JP Morgan is very inexperienced to take the pressure from the risk strategy. The task force team for the risk management process was inadequate and failed to implement proper strategy into bank’s operations.Task officer did not take necessary steps to improve the risk management process because he didn’t have abilities to absorb the pressure from market, so he has totally failed to control the trading investment.As an example, JP Morgan appointed a new member for the CIO (Chief Investment Office) but he was inexperienced and didn’t have specific skills to cope with the issues of risk management process and he was also involved in the insider trading, so this would further deter the financial operations of the company. Furthermore, the staff irresponsible behavior affects the credibility of the company.There were two teams involved in the risk management process. Their roles and responsibilities differ from each other. One team was looking after the operations of risk management and one was responsible for investment so there was conflict of interest between them due to the return on investment to reduce the risk.This issue increased with the passage of time and no one didn’t try to resolve this conflict which affected the further operations of the company.Both teams were trying to increase their investment and profit so their wish to deceive each other deteriorated the financial operations of the company There are lot of flaws existed in the corporate governance of the JP Morgan. For example, there was no threshold set for the portfolio of the CIO’s Synthetic Credit Portfolio which is against the regularity rules. The reporting lines were deficient due to lack of meetings, so no daily reporting is occurred to implement some good controls over the portfolio of the CIO. Senior management was not involved in the activities of the company which further worsen the position of the company. There was no risk committee made to overview the risk of the portfolio and the research methods were very limited and outdated which is against the code of ethics. The management was unaware of the new models of analysis. Due to the lack of corporate governance, the operations of the company became worse. Poor management and controls increased the risk of company. Poor reporting lines reduced the confidence level of traders.
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