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2020-05-17 08:51

人力资源规划涉及预测一个组织的未来需求。Anytime Fitness可以使用三种预测方法。系统的技术分析过去和现在的经验(泰勒,2014)。招聘活动受季节趋势影响(Su和Yang, 2013)。可以预见,健身行业是季节性的,夏季和新年鼓励了“想成为健身爱好者”(Kulp, 2003)的涌入。这表明,人力资源经理应该考虑全年对健身中心经理的需求,或者季节性经理是否会工作。预测未来需求的另一种方法是通过管理判断。这种方法基于管理者对人力资源未来可能需求的主观看法(Taylor, 2014)。从成本中回收成本是另一种预测方法。这包括取消回顾健身中心过去经验的过程。或者,它涉及到未来的预算和“多少人的工资水平是可以承受的”,下一步是预测内部和外部供应。这可以通过观察继任计划来实现。格雷(2014年,第35页)认为,继任计划有助于识别并培养公司中的“关键领导者”。其目的是“通过提供职业阶梯来提高敬业度和保留率”,并创建一种人才发展文化,支持优势和开发驱动结果的不同能力(Gray, 2014,第35页)。这对Anytime Fitness很有帮助,因为人力资源经理可以通过适当的培训和发展,观察现有员工的才能,了解特定员工在职业阶梯上的晋升潜力,并承担起经理的角色。继任管理将提供一个合格的候选人池(Berke, 2005)。如果Anytime Fitness不考虑内部供应,那么公司就是在浪费时间、金钱和事业(Gray, 2014)。然而,当招聘需求无法在内部得到满足时,就有必要考察外部劳动力市场的供求情况。
西澳论文代写 人力资源规划
HRP involves forecasting future demand for an organisation. There are three forecasting methods that Anytime Fitness could use. The systematic technique analyses past and current experiences (Taylor, 2014). Recruitment activities are affected by seasonal trends (Su and Yang, 2013). The fitness industry is predictably seasonal, with summer and the new year encouraging an influx of “wanna-be-fit-converts” (Kulp, 2003). This suggests that the HR manager should consider the need for a fitness centre manager all year round or whether a seasonal manager would work. Another way to forecast future demand is through managerial judgement. This approach is based on subjective views of managers about the possible future needs for HR (Taylor, 2014). Working back from costs is another way of forecasting. This involves removing the process of looking at past experiences of the fitness centre. Alternatively, it involves looking at the future budget and “how many people at what salary level would be affordable” The next step is to look at forecasting internal and external supply. This can be done by looking at succession planning. According to Gray (2014, page 35) succession planning helps to identify and then develop “key leaders” within a company. The purpose is to “increase engagement and retention by providing a career ladder” and to create a culture of talent development that supports the strengths and develops the different competencies that drive results (Gray, 2014, page 35). This would be helpful for Anytime Fitness because the HR manager could look at the talent of the current employees and see what potential exists for particular employees to move up the career ladder and take on the role of the manager, with appropriate training and development in place. Succession management will provide a pool of qualified candidates (Berke, 2005). If Anytime Fitness does not consider internal supply, the company would be wasting time, money and careers (Gray, 2014). However, when recruitment needs cannot be met internally, it is necessary to look at supply and demand in the external labour market .
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